Cambridgeshire County Council invites residents support and ideas for traffic calming options work on A1123

Cambridgeshire Council is about to begin investigation into  potential options for traffic calming and speed reduction measures along key parts of the A1123

As part of this work we are proposing to consult with the parishes of Wicken, Stretham, Wilburton, Haddenham, Earith, Bluntisham and St Ives – but we’d like to hear from you now if you have suggestions or ideas to feed into the options we will be considering. 

At the  Highways and Transport Committee on 27 July  a proposal  to reclassify the road from an A to a B road was not supported when Members heard technical and financial evidence that this would not remove the majority of HGV traffic from the road, as 93%  is local and would still be able to use a B route. This was also the case for cars and LGV traffic.  It  would instead just reduce funding  for the county’s  highways maintenance budget, as DfT funding is higher for an A than a B road.    

Members agreed a  better solution would be to request officers to investigate the range of traffic calming and reduction options such as priority give way, raised tables, speed cushions, central hatching to reduce the width of running lanes and road narrowing’s. Officers will be working with the parishes through the Local Highway Improvement process (find out more here) or other funds, and this work will feed into a more detailed report looking at the options, costs and will also carrying out further investigative work including traffic counts, speed surveys, design work to discover  exactly what improvements will help in each individual  area.   

We’re looking at options, working with the parishes and would like your thoughts on this too by emailing    

You can read the committee paper here and watch the committee discussion here

Kind regards

Cllr Peter McDonald 

Chair of the Highways and Transport Committee 

Cambridgeshire County Council