Mark Berg – Chairmanmark

17 Sumerling Way, Bluntisham

Phone: 07799 435689 email:

Register of Interests: Chairman, Finance Committee

Philippa Hope

9 Bramley Grove, Bluntisham

Phone: 07795 374382 email:

Register of Interests: Finance Committee, Planning committee   

Gary James gary

16 Wheatley Crescent, Bluntisham

Phone: 01487 841895 email.

Register of Interests: Allotments Committee, Planning Committee

Cynthia Curtis

Puffin, Short Lane, BluntishamCynthia

Phone: 01487 841246 email:

Register of Interests: Finance Committee, Planning Committee

Frank Hudson

20 St Marys Close, Bluntisham

Phone: 01487 741290

Register of Interests: Footpaths committee, Allotment committee, Tree Warden, Feoffees Representative

Mary Groombridge

Wood Farm, Needingworth Road, Bluntisham

Phone: 01487 841745 email:

Register of Interests: Councillor, Finance committee

David Glover – Vice Chairman

38 The Poplars, Bluntisham

Phone: 01487 740024 email: 

Register of interests: Councillor

Helena Schofield

Reed Cottage, 8 High Street, Bluntisham

Phone: 07832 202986 email:

Register of interests: Councillor

Peter Lusmore

27 The Sycamores, Bluntisham

Phone:  07599 266427  email:

Register of interests: Councillor, Finance Committee

There are currently two vacancies on the parish council, if you have a few hours to spare and are interested please contact the clerk for more details.

Contact details for your District Councillors

Jon Neish

7 Willow Green, Needingworth

Phone: 01480 466110


Paul Hodgson-Jones

Bluntisham House, Rectory Road, Bluntisham

Phone: 01487 740778


Contact details for your County Councillors.

Steve Criswell

23 The Bank, Somersham

Phone: 01487 740745

Register of Interests: N/A