Play Park


Thank you to everyone who came out to support the official opening of the new play park and outdoor gym.  The weather was great and plenty of fun was had.  Bluntisham Parish Council hope that everyone enjoys the new facilities and if there are any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact the clerk.

opening x 2 opening - park play park opening Play park ribbon cut


The play park has now been completed and the ROSPA safety inspection has taken place.  Unfortunately there are a few items which require some additional work before we can open the park.  We will keep you informed of the progress.  We are still planning an official opening on the 29th October (more detail to follow) but we want to get the park open before the half term.


Well we are now finished, just the finishing touches to be fitted on Monday and the safety inspection then we can open the park for you to use.  The Parish Council are arranging an “official opening” but don’t want to delay your use of this wonderful facility so will be removing the fencing as soon as it is safe to do so.

Finished - x 1 Finished x 2 Finished x 3


Look…………………very nearly finished.  Wet pour coming on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week 😉

Playpark - 28.9.16 Playpark 28916


Good news……………………………

The final pieces of play park equipment have arrived and are being fitted.  It is hoped they will be installed by the end of the week.  Next week the wetpour flooring will be laid and then it won’t be long until you can use the new play area.  A safety inspection has to be carried out before the park can be used by anyone.


Work has progressed on both projects, and we now have units in the ground and more to come. We had hoped to complete the equipment installation this week, but unfortunately this won’t be the case. We have been in constant communication with Hags/SMP and have been advised that there is a delay in the supplying four pieces of equipment. All four of the units are due to arrive from their factory in Sweden next week and installation to be completed in during the first week in October.  We will continue to update everyone, and we too can’t wait for the play park to be finished and back in use, so please look out for details on the grand opening.


Cone climber installed.  Holes dug for rest of equipment.  Not long to wait…………………………….

cone climber


No workmen on site today due to a delay in delivery of the equipment.  Fingers crossed they will be back again tomorrow.  Watch this space for further updates.


Huge progress has been made with clearing the site.  Not long before the new equipment starts to go in.

The access from Sumerling Way will be re-instated later today.

clear site - 7.9.16 x 2 Clear site - 7.9.16


Work to remove 3 trees and cut back the others in the play park will take place on Monday 5th September.  Work will start at 8am and continue throughout the day.  The tree stumps will be retained and made into additional seating in the play park.  Felling of the remaining trees will allow much needed light into the park and will act as a guard against potential damage to the new flooring and equipment.  Any queries or concerns please contact the clerk.


It’s started………………………………………

31.8.16 - playpark 6

Demolition in progress

31.8.16 - playpark 5

Please stay off the fencing

31.8.16 - playpark 3



It’s official the play park work will commence on Wednesday 31st August.   Fencing will be erected around the site and the old equipment will be removed.  Work to the trees within the play park will take place before the new equipment arrives.  The entrance to the play park from Sumerling Way will be closed for safety reasons during the development.  The existing “trim trail” will still be available to use.  The Parish Council urge you to take a look at the development, but please for your own safety, keep off the fencing and the site area until it is complete.  Any queries or concerns please contact the clerk who will be happy to help.


A site meeting with HAGS SMP has taken place and the dates are now confirmed.  Work will start on Monday 5th September, however, the play area may be closed earlier to allow the necessary preparation work to be undertaken.  More detail will follow…………………………….


The order has been placed and the expected delivery date on site is Monday 5th September.  Watch this space for further updates……………


Bluntisham Parish Council have been awarded a grant of £45,169.00 from WREN to fully update the play park. The project is due to start later this year. More details on this will be posted on this page as well as progress pictures throughout the project.  Please see the image below for an idea of the equipment to be installed.

Play park