Traffic Survey – 20mph

Over recent months you will have noticed that some of our neighbouring villages now have a reduced speed limit of 20mph. The Parish Council have been approached by a number of residents who have requested that we look into this for Bluntisham.

There are several anticipated benefits from introducing a 20mph limit:

  • Increased likelihood of people walking or cycling
  • Reduction in serious accidents and injuries because of lower speeds
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Some environmental benefits due to lowered emissions

It is also important to point out that the 20mph speed limit is enforceable.

For Cambridgeshire County Council to authorise a reduction in the speed limit, they have a set of criteria that needs to be met, these include:

  • an average speed of 24mph or below on qualifying roads
  • evidence of traffic incidents or potential dangers within a 30mph zone
  • a school or school route
  • vulnerable road users
  • proof of community consultation

It is important that we as a Parish Council understands how the whole community feels on any potential change. Cambridgeshire County Council have a budget of £150k annually for 20mph schemes. The roadside infrastructure needed to both advise and enforce a 20mph speed limit would be 100% funded by the county if successful. This annual budget is estimated to deliver 8 schemes and an application does not guarantee success. The process is, the Parish Council apply to the council under the scheme and provide evident to justify making the change to 20mph. Currently we are not aware of joint funded opportunities between Parish councils and the County council under the existing LHI (Local Highway Initiative) scheme.

At the Parish Council meeting on the 2nd October 2023 we agreed to survey the opinion of all residents of Bluntisham and have set out a criteria for assessing the results to then agree the next course of action. The success of this survey does not guarantee the change to the speed limit, it simply means that we can move to the next phase of applying for joint funding.

Survey Criteria

  • One survey per household
  • a minimum response of 60% of all households is required (480 houses)
  • If the 60% threshold is met, then 55% of the responses need to be in favour of the change
  • The Parish Council will publish the results widely
  • The date of the survey is from 1.12.23 – 1.1.24
  • Please use the online link: to respond, or complete the form delivered and return it to 9 Bramley Grove, Bluntisham. If you need your form collecting then please contact the clerk on 01487 842677 to arrange collection.
  • You will need the unique ID number to complete the survey
  • All details will be controlled under the Parish Council’s GDPR policy.