The play park is on its way…………………………….

Work will start on the new play park on Monday 5th September.  The site may be fenced off earlier but the website will be kept up to date with the exact timings of what activities are taking place.

The company installing the equipment is HAGS SMP and they estimate the removal of the existing and the installation of the new equipment will take 3 weeks.  Then the new wet pour surface has to be installed and finally the new fence and gates.  There will also be some tree work carried out at the same time.

Disruption to the play area and access is necessary but will be limited as much as possible.

The Parish Council would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  Any queries or concerns should be sent directly to the clerk, who will be happy to help.

An official opening of the playpark will take place in October when the project is complete.