Road Closures and Drainage works – Short Lane & Wood End Bluntisham

These works are scheduled to start on the 10th August 2015 and will continue for roughly 5 weeks. The hours of working will be 0745 – 1615 Monday to Friday. For the first two weeks of the scheme there will be a road closure in place along Short lane between the hours mentioned above and a short diversion route for vehicles to follow. This is to allow us to replace damaged pipes and install a new drainage system in the carriageway further away from the tree roots that are causing damage to the existing pipes. This will also mean that we will have to leave traffic management up outside the hours of working due to the excavations we are doing as part of this scheme.

Once this section has been completed we will be working our way up Wood End installing new gullies on a place to place basis under traffic lights as well as replacing any damaged gullies and providing new kerbs in some areas to try to facilitate the flow of water and prevent it remaining on the surface of the carriageway. Once these works have been completed the aim is to have alleviated the drainage issues in the areas mentioned as much as possible and provide extra avenues for the water to escape off the carriageway.

Any queries regarding this work please contact Joshua Rutherford
Direct dial: 03450455212
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