ENVAR UPDATE – 18.1.19

This email was sent late on 17.1.19 from HDC Environmental Health.

Ward Members and Parish Clerks,

I am providing a further update on the fire at Envar, Woodhurst following today’s TCG teleconference.

Envar have continued work on site to move unburnt compost away from the current fire to, firstly, prevent further material adding to the fire mass, and secondly to create additional space around the fire to allow the burning material to be spread out to increase the speed of burn, and provide opportunity for more aggressive firefighting activities.

Today’s meeting has agreed that on Monday 21st January, next Monday, the next stage of firefighting on this site will commence with active firefighting using the on-site water provision, combined with breaking the burning compost pile. The addition of water to the fire will be monitored by Envar staff and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue, but from a residents perspective this may appear to be an increase in smoke from the site, with the combination of what may be a significant amount of steam being generated as the firefighting water turns to steam. This next stage in the firefighting activity will commence from around 0900 hrs.

The multi-agency team remain in agreement that this is the best available option to bring the fire to the earliest possible conclusion.

Public Health England are satisfied that the current position, as at 1430 hrs today, does not present a health risk to the general local residential population and whilst odour may be present they remain satisfied that the overall health risk is low. Any local residents with health concerns should discuss the concerns with their local GP, or use the NHS non-emergency number 111. Calls, and local GP referrals, are also being monitored by the multi-agency group to ensure that this advice remains appropriate.


Chris Stopford

Head of Community

Huntingdonshire District Council

01480 388280