Update – Footpath from Bluntisham to Needingworth

The contractors have returned to site to complete the construction of the section in the highway.  This will include some additional and remedial works on Station Road in the village itself, in the near future, as well as a minor issue at one of the accesses outside the village (on the St Ives side of White Bridge).
Mr Hamilton (CCC Highways) has met with a Solicitor in CCC Legal team with regard to the necessary agreements required to allow us to construct the elements which are currently not within the highway boundary.  I don’t have a definitive timescale, but apparently the best case is around two months – this puts us into the summer at the earliest before construction can start.  As it stands, bird nesting season is upon us anyway, so an ecologist will need to visit the site to give us the all clear before site clearance can happen.
Further updates will be posted as and when received from CCC.
Report by Mr Ross Hamilton – Project Manager – CCC