The Great Ouse Valley Trust is delighted to report that its work to replace all of the information boards along the Ouse Valley Way long-distance footpath through Cambridgeshire is now completed. And this means the last one, in Earith, and which displays a circular walk through your village, now shows the new design and fresh content shown here. This one was good to see replaced as we had noticed the original had been crushed by a fallen tree!

We hope that with renewed awareness of the importance of the outdoors for our health and well-being, these panels will further encourage people to discover the delights of the riverside path, and the surprises it has to offer on our doorstep.

The new look includes updated examples of the flora and fauna to be spotted along your section of the Ouse Valley Way, plus illustrated notes on places of local historic interest. There are also clever diversions shown – circular walks – for those wanting alternative strolls to end up where they started! The safety advice has been updated and a concise Countryside Code added.   

This has been the biggest project completed so far for the Trust. Thirteen panels were redesigned, reillustrated and rewritten during lock down. For the new boards we acknowledge the assistance received from local ecologist Dr Pat Doody. 

The Trust is grateful for funding from Highways England’s A14 Legacy Fund delivered by Cambridgeshire County Council. For further information on the work of the Trust please visit

Ian Jackson, Great Ouse Valley Trust