Envar – smells

Following on from recent concerns with the smells from Envar they have shared the following detail but have stressed people contact them directly as and when they feel there is a problem.  You can contact them via the phone: 01487 849840 or email: enquiries@envar.co.uk

We believe any alleged smells from this site could have been caused by a mix of the following-

  1. Rain Deluge – we had an abnormal amount of rain in June which I’m sure you will remember the specific week (week commencing 10th June) when it didn’t stop raining, we had an inch in one day and 3 inches across the week! This amount of rain can cause short term problems in the stabilisation phase which could potentially lead to some odour.
  2. Heat – Coupled with the above the recent heat and high humidity would only help to make any odour more obvious and apparent.

What are we doing about it? So we have made the decision to increase the retention time on the pad before screening. This will the give the wet material more time to dry out and stabilise before screening. We envisage any smells to be short term and once this material has been processed you shouldn’t encounter any more problems.

We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused. Please keep in touch if you believe any more smell is coming from this site, we will do everything we can to investigate and prevent it happening again.