Don’t forget to clean your recycling


Huntingdonshire residents are fortunate to be able to recycle a wide of range materials within their kerbside recycling bins. Items such as plastic pots, tubs, trays and bottles, tins and cans, paper and card, and glass can be placed into the recycling bin. Almost 94% of the materials we collect is processed for recycling, and the remainder is materials that have been incorrectly placed out for recycling.

Unfortunately, this material is rejected by our recycling plant and is sent to landfill. The most common item incorrectly placed into the recycling bins is food and food residue, followed by textiles, black sacks and nappies. Residents are asked to rinse out their containers before placing into the recycling bin.  This reduces the risk of materials being rejected, other materials being contaminated and helps to keep your bin clean too.

Textiles can be recycled, but they do need to be taken to a charity shop or dropped off at one of the recycling banks dotted around the district.  Charity shops and textile banks will also accept old clothing and these will be used for rags. All the materials can be placed into the recycling bin loose.  If you did want to bag or have excess waste, this does need to be in a transparent bag so that it can clearly be seen that it is good recyclable material.

Finally, nappies, these should be placed into the grey bin.  If your family is struggling for space and you meet our criteria, an additional grey bin can be requested. If in doubt check out our A-Z at or email