Bluntisham Highway Scheme – 2018

Bluntisham Highway Schemes 2018
Frequently Asked Questions

Resurfacing work
When will the road be closed?
The road will be closed overnight only between 8:30pm and 6:00am. The road will be open during
the day for traffic.

I live on Station Road/Rectory Road in Bluntisham how can I get access during the road closure?
Our contractors will allow you access to and from your property. Depending on where the works are
at the time, you may be escorted through the work to ensure both yours and our workforce’s safety.
Please be advised if material has just been laid you may experience a wait.

I live in Bluntisham but not on Station Road/Rectory Road, how can I get access during the road
Where possible our contractors will allow access to residents of Bluntisham however, we advise
residents to enter and exit Bluntisham via other roads as you may have to wait if material has just
been laid.

I don’t live in Bluntisham, where do I go when the road is closed?
There will be a fully signed diversion route in place. The plans for the diversion routes can be found
here on (this will be available from 16.1.18)

I have an important delivery arriving during the road closure hours, will they be allowed through?
Yes, as long as the driver explains they are delivering to a resident in Bluntisham then our
contractors will let them through when it is safe to do so.

Will there be a lot of noise during these works?
There will be some noise, but where possible noise will be kept to a minimum. Our contractors will
ensure the noisiest machinery is not being used after midnight, when possible.

Cycleway works
There are TV/fibre optic cables in the verge outside my house, are these going to be in the way of
the works?
No, all utilities have been picked up as part of the design. Everything will be marked on site and trial
holes will be dug before work starts.

My access is in poor condition, will you resurface it when you widen the footway?
Where possible and if required, we will be resurfacing accesses along the cycleway route up to the
highway boundary.

Will I be able to get out of my driveway when you are building the cycleway outside my house?
Yes, our contractors will ensure all accesses remain clear. When resurfacing work is due to take place
directly outside your property the contractors will liaise directly with you to make sure you are

What times will they be working during the day?
Working on site will generally take place between 8:00am and 6:00pm.

What times will the temporary traffic lights be in place each day?
At times there will be traffic lights in place 24/7 due to sections of the footway being closed and a
temporary one being set up on the road. These sections will be kept as short as possible to keep
disruption to a minimum. Our contractors will be manually controlling the traffic lights during the
busiest periods.
When the traffic lights are not required to be in place 24/7 they will be used between 8:00am and

Click here for plan showing maintenance/works  Footpath – road closures plan 1

Click here for plan showing speed limits to new areas Bluntisham – Earith speed limits