WI keeping busy………………………


Bluntisham and Colne

Is it time to make a change in 2018?

With each new year we get the chance to refresh our lives and think of making changes.

Many ideas are started with good intentions and fall by the wayside.

If you have thought about getting out more and socialising at a pace that suits you, well maybe pop along to the next WI meeting.

There will be a speaker or demonstration that might appeal, some refreshments and a raffle. A whole night out for £4 as a visitor! Members pay a yearly subscription and have access to a wider circle of events, competitions and clubs, a monthly magazine and a 5 weekly National Magazine.

Members get the opportunity once a year to attend the Burgess Hall for the Annual Federation Day where in the past we have had high profile speakers such as…Politician Ann Widecombe, Antiques Dealer Eric Knowles, Comedienne Jennifer Saunders, Writer and Psychologist Professor Tanya Byron and Radio 4 and Strictly’s Rev Richard Coles to name a few.

In 2018 the Federation of Huntingdon and Peterborough, to which our WI belongs, will celebrate their Centenary Year so I’m looking forward to the Annual Federation Day and hoping for great things on offer throughout the year.

The monthly meeting is regularly on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm at Colne Village Hall, which may make planning ahead and around your commitments to the family more feasible. I underestimated the value of putting myself first every once in a while …. until I discovered the WI…. I wish I’d done it earlier.

It’s great to be learning new things and mixing with others over tea and cake. I enjoy getting out once a month into the fresh air for a leisurely walk and then rounding it off with a bit of lunch, meeting up with those who just ‘do’ lunch. I enjoy the competitive evenings pitting our wits against other WI s at a Federation Quiz or Jigsaw Race.

In the past some of us have indulged in a Spa Day or been out to the Theatre, perhaps we may do this again in 2018.

If all that still isn’t enough, there is Denman College in Oxfordshire where you can stay to do

weekend or weekday courses in hundreds of cookery, craft and other activities, all provided by qualified tutors and chefs.

Each year the WI puts forward resolutions to improve things nationally; we get the chance to vote on what is put forward, and do something about it if we choose. …like SOS for Honeybees, that was a WI resolution.

Members can do as little or as much as they want to. Some are happy just to attend the regular monthly meeting, others do much more. It’s up to you.

So, if you think you might like to take that first step I have listed below the programme for 2018. We car share for the outing, lunches, or to the walk locations, so you should never feel you can’t get to places

It’s on your doorstep…..now it’s up to you.

Look out for the posters in both villages or look us up on Facebook

The WI Bluntisham and Colne or call Joy on 01487 841371 if you want to ask any questions

We meet at Colne Village Hall on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm unless it is an outing, garden party or group meeting.

Meanwhile, here is the programme of meetings planned for 2018

Jan 4th Move with Mindfulness, Tai Chi Chuan with Faradena Afifi

Feb 1st Inspiring ways of using Veg with local Chef Frank Boddy

Mar 1st History of Dews Coaches with Simon Dew

Apr 5th Skin care with Kay Ball

May 3rd Members and Resolution night

Jun 7th Outing to the newly refurbished Norris Museum in St Ives

Jul 5th From Crowbar to Crocosmia, The Making of a Fenland Garden Neil Callan

Aug (tba) Annual Garden Party

Sep 6th History of Belly Dance through Costumes plus taster session Sue Baker

Oct 4th Fossils Galore – Indie the Iguanodon

Nov 1st The AGM

Dec 6th Christmas Party

Each year there are two group meetings held together with 3 other local WI s which this year will

be held in March and October in Neeedingworth and Somersham.

Finally, at our meetings we don’t sing Jerusalem, though the larger group meetings still keep up the

tradition……and finally…you really don’t have to learn to make jam….(though I’m sure some ladies

would be happy to show you if you wanted)

We hope you may find something of interest which might tempt you to dip your toe in the

water…remember though that the meetings are just the tip of the iceberg…….

Hope to see you in 2018 …before you know it the WI will be a regular event in your calendar and

maybe one you wish you’d tried earlier.

Pauline Ward…member since 2007

P.S. If you are out and about in the Spring, look out for the WI’s attempt at making Bluntisham

beautiful , and Colne colourful, with our bulb planting sessions in the Autumn. We hope you will

notice the newly planted daffodils in a drift along the verge leading up to the Bluntisham Village

Hall, then in Colne, the crocuses around the Memorial on the Green and stretching your legs a bit

further, the primroses at the Old Church Yard down Old Church Lane.