Ouse Valley Way

The Ouse Valley Way footpath has been passed onto Cambridgeshire County Council for maintenance which includes grass and hedge cutting.  All Parish Council’s, who have sections of the footpath within their parish have agreed to do a monthly audit of their areas and report anything which is deemed unsafe and unacceptable.  Please remember that this is a rural footpath located in open countryside and any maintenance is likely to reflect its location and setting.  Unfortunately, it is likely that there will be litter, dog mess, fallen branches, overgrown weeds, etc but what we ask is for everyone who uses the footpath to pick up any litter as and when they find it and put into the bins provided and pick up after your dog.  Then to report any fallen branches and maintenance required on overgrown areas either to the clerk or via cambs county council website www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk   The path will be cut to the county’s schedule of works by a contractor twice a year.  The first cut has just recently taken place and several areas have been passed back to the county as being unacceptable.  To date we are waiting to hear if and when they will be put right.  We have a volunteer who is carrying out a monthly audit of the footpath and are reporting this to Cambs County Council and the Ouse Valley Way footpaths team within HDC.

Let’s work together to keep this path clean and tidy.

Contact details:

Clerk – bluntishamclerk@gmail.com

County Council – www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk

County Councillor – Cllr Steve Criswell – steve.criswell@huntingdonshire.gov.uk