ENVAR – Fire Update


Just to confirm the following updates:
Environment Agency – any people impacted by the smoke should contact the EA directly and log them. The freephone number is 0800 807060. They are not experts and will not be able to offer health advice, but they are the agency dealing with the illegal commercial burning.
Environmental Health – any people impacted by smoke entering their homes which is impacting on their health should contact the EH team at HDC directly. They may try and palm you off onto the EA but state it is your own personal health concern and log it with them. Phone number 01480 388302.
Any health problems please contact your GP or out of hours surgery for advice.
ENVAR – will be putting out a press release by the end of the day.
I will continue to monitor and update information I receive and post, however, I will not respond to individual comments. Be sensible folks, we all live in this village and are all impacted in different ways. Don’t get personal with comments and keep smiling