Crime prevention tips…………………………….

Summertime is about here and in the burglary team we have seen a slight increase in shed/garage burglaries across the district.

There have not been signficant numbers of offences but it is clear that the current trend is for offenders to target gardening equipment and power tools stored in outbuildings/sheds or garages.

If you have valuable items stored in such places in your home, please consider the following crime prevention tips:-

  • Make your items unique – Mark up your valuable items with your name or postcode using permanent markers or etch into the metal/plastic.
  • Make sure you know serial numbers – Photograph/record serial numbers of those items of high value.These things can make it easier for police to trace if sold second hand so we can easily and without doubt prove the items are yours if stolen.
  • Make your items difficult to steal – added security on doors, windows, security lights in rear gardens, alarms, highly valuable items stored within secure cabinets or chained to a fixed point on the ground.

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Lee Hurley (PCSO 7293)
Huntingdonshire burglary team